BIPforMaaS booked its booster too.

Booster is an English term that derives from the verb to boost, which means "to push, to promote, to support, to encourage, to spur, to accelerate". In the medical field, an extra small amount of a vaccine that is given to increase the effect of one given earlier. Well, today's news is that BIPforMaaS has also booked its booster!

19 January 2022

by Marco De Divitis

On Monday 10th January 2022, the City of Torino presented its candidacy for the pilot of MaaS4Italy, the call launched and promoted by the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition (MITD) and by the Minister of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility (MIMS), as part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) to promote the development of MaaS services in Italy. The call has the objective to select 3 metropolitan cities, where the launch of MaaS pilot projects will be financed, and which will be the leading cities, that is, they will pave the way forward for MaaS at a national level.

BIPforMaaS, SmartBIP, Buoni Mobilità, the Memorandum of Understanding and common vision among the local governments, are all elements already present in Torino which, together with the transport and mobility operators active in the area, give value to our candidacy.

It is a great opportunity to give an important acceleration to all the mobility of our territory, continuing towards the common goal that the institutions have shared: creating an open mobility ecosystem, in which the public sector is the orchestrator and the market operators provide services to the users, with a focus on sustainability.

Torino candidacy for MaaS4Italy marks a big step for our territory and demonstrates the coherence and synergy between the projects of the Municipality of Torino and the Piemonte Region.

We have applied together, and we want to confirm our leadership in the MaaS domain also towards the Ministry. We are confident that the work done in recent years can show its results and drag future projects, inspiring other cities and other territories as well.

We really want to revolutionize mobility for all those who live in Torino and Piemonte.

And we booked our booster.

Let’s do MaaS!

Photo by Kid Circus on Unsplash


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