Open public consultation for the MaaS Community in Piedmont: join the future of mobility!

'Community' means creating a MaaS group together and this is precisely why the Piedmont authorities have launched a public consultation. Read more!

17 July 2023

by cigno

As the faithful will remember, the BIPforMaaS project was launched in 2019 with the aim of creating a framework of rules to support the development of MaaS in Piedmont.  

Thanks to the signed Memorandum of Understanding, the local authorities in Piedmont have once again confirmed their active role in the development of MaaS in the region. And it is precisely with this objective in mind that the ‘Guidelines for a MaaS Community‘ were presented in streaming on 27th June.  

The Guidelines represent a strategic document outlining the principles and operational conditions for being part of the MaaS Community of Piedmont. They are the first document of this kind in Italy. But there’s more: ‘community’ means creating a MaaS group together and this is precisely why the Piedmont authorities have launched a public consultation

All interested stakeholders will therefore have the opportunity to share their ideas and suggestions to contribute to change and innovation for the future of mobility in our region. Everyone’s opinions can make a difference and the public consultation represents an important opportunity to define together “the rules of the MaaS game”. 

Here you can find the recording of the event for the presentation of the Guidelines, where the representatives of the Piedmont Region, City of Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin and the Piedmont Mobility Agency took an active part in defining the strategic document.  

This was the first occasion in the national panorama of a constructive dialogue between the public and private sectors on the topic of governance of a MaaS ecosystem, which received active participation. 


See the document containing the “Guidelines for a MaaS Community” and provide your valuable feedback via this form. We are eager to listen to your ideas, observations and proposals to create together a better mobility future for all. 

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of the change! The public consultation will remain open until 30th September 2023, so take the time to reflect and share your views. 

Join us in this new era of mobility, where innovation and sustainability are the key to creating a better future for all. Browse the document, share your contribution and let’s work together to shape the MaaS Community in Piedmont. 

All feedback will be listened to, as it is an important and valuable contribution

For further information and support requests, please contact us at We are ready to support you and answer your questions.

Let’s create our MaaS Community together! 



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